ANC21 Wrap Up

ANC21, the Australian Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation’s National Virtual Camp, was held on the 11th of September 2021.

States on the Eastern seaboard were in lockdown while Region 1 gathered in the Darwin Botanic Gardens and Region 2 members gathered in Albany, WA. The event was attended by members from every Do Jang in the country, as well as members joining from Japan, Nicaragua and the Philippines.

Our theme of “Strengthening Our Connections” was clearly evident throughout the day. Kwan Jang Nim HC Hwang recorded a message for our opening ceremony, speaking in support of our efforts to strengthen connections within our organisation and our training, and expressing appreciation for the modern technology that has enabled members to continue to participate in our art during the pandemic.

Australia’s Designee to the World Moo Duk Kwan, Kriton Glenn SBN, opened our event with a positive message to all the members present and emphasised our connection to Kwan Jang Nim HC Hwang and World Moo Duk Kwan. Newly appointed Senior Advisory Committee member, William Johns SBN, introduced the physical aspect of our first session and the emphasis of the day, Moo Pahl Dan Khum, connecting us back to our Chang Shi Ja Nim (Founder) Hwang Kee. The Technical Advisory Committee (Mark Koina SBN and Kim Wyles SBN) and TAC assistants (PJ Steyer SBN and Lauren Andersson SBN) then took us through a series of seminars on the connections of our practice to the Moo Pahl Dan Khum, starting with Gi Cho (basics) in seminar 1, partner work in seminar 2 and finishing out the day with Hyung in seminar 3. SAC member Michael Austin SBN led the final run through of the Moo Pahl Dan Khum for the day.

Two theory webinars, “Creating a home-based training program” and “Health and wellness benefits of Moo Pahl Dan Khum”, were also presented during the day. Those who attended the children’s seminar, “Haengju Do: The Way of The Tea Towel” will remember the creativity, connection, and fun experience shared by Joe Parry KBN.

The TAC would like to thank all those involved in making this event successful, including the members who organised each Region’s online or in-person events, documenting the many faces of the event by taking photos, and especially the family members who supported us and are always a vital part of any event.

Australian TAC